Micelle Technology Explained


On top of pristine sourcing, our formulas are the first to feature micelle technology; the most advanced delivery system known today. Micelle technology reduces the particular size down to a nano sphere, and through a process of polarization, a negative charge is formed. This process guarantees maximum absorption by making these vital nutrients permeable on a subcellular level.

After choosing the top quality nutrients in the most bioavailable forms, we then coat the nutrients in a phospholipid which allows the nutrients to pass through the harsh conditions of the stomach, to the microvilli that make up the brush border barrier in the small intestines where it can then be absorbed into the bloodstream.

Until now, the vitamin and supplement industry standard was to use synthetic compounds at extraordinarily high amounts, packing as much into a capsule or tablet as possible knowing that only a small amount of these nutrients, if any, would be absorbed after digestion. This method is more harmful than good because it taxes the liver and the kidneys, leaving you with low absorption and really expensive urine.